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It looks like you may have 3 issues that are important for Kanban - You have a high WIP issue. You may have a prioritization challenge. You also have a 'sizing' problem. Let me elaborate on each - High WIP. Clearly, you have a number of well-defined and not so well-defined projects that you have to do. The projects seem sizeable enough to manage on ...


With Personal Kanban, we recommend exactly what you are suggesting. Sequester work and days into cognitively-like groups. That way, you can focus on one domain (a type of task, a domain, a meme) and not context switch so much. We call these Orange Days. Limiting WIP isn't just about limiting tasks, it's about limiting context switching as well. The more ...


Ever Heard of Trello and slack hopefully you have and you have considered it. They are probably the best I have worked with as a programmer (not just for programming project even personal project). They help you discuss and track projects wonderfully. I was a trello user and my mentor introduced me slack. Now to answer your question. If you have many many ...


Apart from (very good) azheglov's and Ula Karzelek's answers, there are two more solutions: If that's a virtual board with support for adding tasks via an e-mail, you may use some of the Web Automation Service (e.g. IFTTT, Zapier) to send an e-mail at a certain time (each day\week\month...) If it's a physical board, there must be a plenty of free space ...


Couldn't the real problem be that your tasks are way too big and should be split into subtasks? If a task blocks everything else for weeks it should probably be split into manageable chunks.


WeekPlan allows you marry a kanban style with a calendar view. The Parking lot feature is basically like Trello, a list of list of tasks. When a task needs to be done on a certain day, you simply press a button "Promote" and it will be pushed into the week view (calendar-ish view).


I assume you are familiar with http://www.personalkanban.com/pk/ I am not an expert in Kanban personally but here is how I solve your issues: I have a "Waiting for" list for things that I can't work on but should be reviewed regularly. For example, any email I send and I expect a reply would go in that list. Therefore, if the person doesn't answer after ...

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