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Genuine comes from the latin "genus", which means, if I remember correctly, origin and being born (I think words like "generate" and "gene" share that same root). So taking your words literally, you are afraid that some of your questions don't come "from the origin", from the really deep, meaningful part of yourself. As if, while you're asking, you'd get a ...


As I interpret genuine, it means having integrity. Does the question fit into your life? It could be that the questions you feel genuine about are closely aligned with a purpose about which you are clear. The questions that don't give you a genuine feeling however are questions about a subject whose purpose is unclear to you. This may put you in a state ...


People do not appreciate being stared at. This is a well known thing. Mothers frequently need to tell this to children, as children are naturally curious. You may glance at someone, but there is not reason to extend beyond a fraction-of-a-second . Say "hi" if you are interested but don't stare quiet

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