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Try the Sunrise app. It syncs all of your Google Calendars (in case you are using different Google accounts - e.g. I have a separate email for work). Plus, it also integrates with these apps: Apple's reminders (where your babysitting, training, etc tasks fit). Evernote (you can also create detailed notes of tasks here) Trello (another task management ...


How many and which calendars should I use In my experience as few as possible. At first I liked the idea to have a calendar for each category (mine being "study", "personal", "important") and have a quick overview over my tasks. But when I wanted to sync my calendars to different devices it was sometimes a pain to set up all the different calendars. I ...


For personal use, on my ipad and iphone, I find Fantastical essential; I also use google calendar to allow linking "to the rest of the world" so I guess it falls in the "essential" world as well.

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