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I recommend you use Trello for this. You can create a board for your goals with a list per time-period (for example "yearly goals", m"monthly boards"...) You can also create a board per week for example with default ToDo, Doing, Done or whatever lists in it. You can fully search in Trello. Also use labels. For time-tracking and much more I recommend you use ...


Emacs org-mode (http://orgmode.org/ ) does all what you want (and much more). It is also text-based (like your current approach), but much more powerful, as it lets you create an hierarchical structure of goals / projects / tasks that lets you group tasks below the projects and goals they belong to assign start or due dates to any "heading" in this ...


GTDNext.com (http://GTDNext.com) meets most of your requirements. It is based on an outline style view so it a good ability to handle top level goals all the way down to your next action steps. (see picture below) You can also do tags and search / filter on those tags along with quite a few other features of course. Good luck in your search!


for desktop, you can try EfficientPIM The functions they offer quite close to your needs. Hope it helps

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