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Associate rewards with your work. You like to spend your time chatting with your friend? Tell yourself that you can earn 15 minutes of chatting 'only if' you have studied for 45 minutes. You like listening to songs? You can listen to 'one' song 'only' in the 5 minute break of Pomodoro. You want to play sports in the evening? Tell yourself that it is ...


It seems that no one mentioned Marinara Timer yet and it's pretty powerful as it lets you customise the length of each pomodoro and rest, adjust the sounds played and even provides you with a global URL so that you can easily use it on multiple devices in sync at the same time. To use, simply go to marinaratimer.com/ANYURL


Menubar Countdown: Works on OS X Simple And Customizable Free


So for OS X there's also this Pomodoro Timer app Features: Shows remaining time Customizable Length Nice UI Drawback: High Price(It was 1.99 but I figure they've increased the price which is a little bit ridiculous now for such a simple App)

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