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If you really like printouts being in a physical notebook why not try a ring bound notebook? Then you can just use a hole punch and insert any piece of paper as you require. Modern printers don't really lend themselves well to printing on items which can't be fed through the system - the ones that can are expensive, as you have already noted.


This Novus B54 heavy-duty long-arm stapler supposedly can handle 170 sheets. You get what you pay for -- not cheap.


I would suggest this Mini Booklet Stapler: or this Swingline Saddle Stapler for Center Stitch and Binding Stapling.


I know you have your reasons for not going digital, but you may want to consider something like this: It is a cover for your IPad with a slot for a moleskine notebook. This way you can have digital documents along with your written documents; kind of having the best of both ...


You've already set things up as a booklet and printed them as such so you could bind it as a booklet instead of using staples. All you need is some cheap Elmer's glue, a paper cutter, a sheet of cardstock, and two big heavy objects. Cut the pages in half with the paper cutter. Slather glue in the middle-ish area of the cardstock (easiest to just put the ...

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