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Fridays are more prone to procrastination, as have know its a weekend ahead and holidays, we should be more conscious about drifting on Fridays.


I'm actually the opposite -- I'm usually very productive on a friday, because I won't be able to get anything done for the next two days. So, I'm usually getting a bunch of stuff out of the way that "needs" to be done before the weekend. As Horstman's Corollary to Parkinson's Law states, "Work contracts to take the time you give it": when I've got a lot to ...


Friday can be an ideal time to do a weekly review and look back at your last 5 days along with the coming 5. Carefully reviewing what you have accomplished recently can often give you the momentum to finish off the week strong. Such a review can also provide motivation for the coming week as you prioritize what you should be working on Monday morning.


It depends on the reason why you are less productive on Fridays. It could be that you spend all your energy already or your mind wanders to what you want to do in the weekend. I would first try to find out what's causing it. For myself it is a combination of the "it's almost weekend" mindset, tiredness and a more noisy environment in the office (I suspect ...

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