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I think it is a matter of my priorities: Have I been given a deadline by a boss or client? Am I unable to reschedule this task? e.g. Can't wait until next week because I'm at a conference. There is no negative history of contacting this other person. I'd be less inclined to automatically call, but it is something to think about. A big problem in many ...


I am using such application: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dayagendaplanner It is updating schedule when you change something. You can also change tasks order so in the end you know how it will turn out, in the middle of busy day.


When it comes to personal relationships such as you describe, I've found it helpful to think about things in terms of quality-of-life. For instance--and bear with me through this example--who does the laundry? Is it worth it to you to spend $100.00 month to have a laundry service take care of that so you and your partner can spend a couple more hours ...

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