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Here is my attempt at doing this numbering scheme, which might help illuminate my goal of uniforming tasks in different categories into one prioritised list: Assign each category a base value according to overall priority of that category: Cat A: Become more active = 15 Cat B: Help parents = 12 Cat C: Fun stuff = 5 Assign the levels a decimal value to ...


This is how I priority my tasks using the ABCDE - {123456} method. Remember the list is not a real list, the example I am taking is to make you see my point. A: important task I can't miss. Missing this task will affect my life in a way B: Task I can do later and it doesn't affect me much C: Optional task/pro-active tasks that I can delegate to someone ...


You can use an Excel sheet and add a line for each task, then columns for categories of how you want to assess each task. Add numerical values, and then use the automatic functionality to summarize the total value for each task.

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