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I find meditation helps with this. The more mindful you can become, the more likely you are to stay focussed on things that matter and avoid things that don't. All in all though, don't worry too much, just sounds like you have a serious case of being human.


If you're feeling totally unable to stop procrastinating, then, you need to start building your self-discipline "muscles". Start building the habit of doing what you write down on paper by picking a list of 3 very simple and specific todos and assign a time to get them done. Here's a little example that you can (literally) use to get started: Write this ...


Eliminate distractions Quoting from How To Eliminate Procrastination: "Making decisions over and over again will drain your willpower. This is true even if it’s the same, tiny decision — like constantly resisting the urge to check your email. (Another example: continually trying to follow a new, strict diet.) You might be able to resist for 5 minutes or ...


Chances are it's happening because you don't enjoy what you're doing. You're not motivated. You're losing a lot of energy (the mental kind) by sitting in front of a computer. Procrastination isn't solved by blocking it.. you'll just procrastinate in different ways. I'm not a fan of 'useful' procrastination either. It doesn't last and it still keeps you from ...

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