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Having been (and still am) in the same situation as you, I can sympathise with your predicament. You feel mediocre because you strive for greatness, but because you aspire to be a polymath you also fail to meet your very high self-standards in all areas. Since a lot of our feelings of self-worth are derived from how we place ourselves in the company of our ...


You have done your part now I really don't see a reason to stay upset. Everyone has to go through pain and happiness, and other aspects of life. By thinking or trying to not hurt people for what they don't understand doesn't seem meaningful. Don't hurt people intensionally, rest leave it up to them. It will help them to grow up and understand things in a ...


Could your thoughts gave anything to do with HOW you say no? Perhaps finding some very polite and respectful ways of saying no could help ease your mind?

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