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What you have is a set of reminders which are not tied to any context. You will get a reminder to buy new batteries when you are at home, or a reminder to try a different reading style while you are at work. I could schedule reminders for various times ex 5pm - get groceries. But I can't be sure whether I'll actually be driving at that time. By doing ...


I believe that planning the week and in some cases for two weeks in advance , with all the due dates and such in front of you in the calendar might be better than ignoring the mountain of reminder emails. Then you might decide to set a reminder for a certain assignment for the day before "make sure X is done , check Y" Good luck!


Putting a low-tech reminder, or prompt, at the appropriate place can be helpful. For example, the moment you realize that you have to get groceries when driving home, you could go out to your car and put a note on the steering wheel. If that is too much work – maybe your car is parked far away – put the note somewhere else where you can't avoid ...

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