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The ultimate personal organization system is the one that works for you!


Confidence... The way you see yourself on the inside is what people see on the outside. A few weeks ago I met a friend who told me I lost weight and I look so much better and healthier. The truth was, I gained weight, a few kilos but in my mind, since it is summer, I felt fit in my mind. I thought I lost weight too but when I weighed myself that evening, I ...


I don't believe there is an ultimate personal organisation system considering the fact that we are all unique. But nevertheless, I believe we can each find the right balance to make our personal organisation system ultimate. In highschool I won an award for my organisation skills and even at work I am still told I am good with those things everyday but I do ...


I've struggled with confidence and self-esteem issues all my life. When I do really well at something, my new-found confidence sometimes gives me a power rush that makes me feel like I'm flying and therefore out of control. You could be having a similar reaction that's causing the tightness in your chest. It's uncharted territory outside your comfort zone ...

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