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Maybe this link to the WRAP model for decision making helps you to make better descisions.


My experience with taking your holiday and staying at home is mixed: staying at home makes it much harder to shut off and stop to think about work. Just to stop working and sleep in, watch your favorite tv series sounds like fun, but in my experience leaves me with a feeling that I wasted time. On the other hand I had holidays where I stayed at home, but ...


formal definition of vacation can be found at wikipedia. definition is a very personal thing though. if you want to regain your your typical performance you have to clear your mind. it depends on the person but if you could reach to a point where you can start to make yourself focused about your goals (so point where your mind is set) by doing anything ...


The 'best' decision may be a decision you never thought of, and without taking each option that you think of (which in most cases is not an option), it can be difficult to ever know which of the options truly would have been the 'best'. Your decision making is sound, you consider your options carefully and talk to your friends for outsider input, and based ...


As OP says that these books are mathematics or science books.So, this problem can be solved by taking particular topic from book, then ask question to yourself about that topic and then found answers in the book. Science is driven by practicals which can be done in lab to create enthusiasm and maths needs to be practiced.


Some good ways to evaluate a decision(see the book Decisive by Chip&Dan Heath) Have you asked disconfirming questions? e.g. if you were buying a used car, rather than ask, "does it run well", asking "what problems are there?", "what are the repairs this will need in the near future?". By asking specifically for information that would go against the ...

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