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No, it does not apply since a Kindle with e-ink uses reflected light instead of a backlight such as used in an LCD display. So it is no different than reading a normal paperback or hardback book. (This does not apply to the various Kindle Fire tablets, which are more like an iPad and use a backlight.) At least one of the studies was done using an iPad at ...


get a small blanket or towel and bring it to break. Then fold it and rest your head on it. But for your back, fold another blanket/towel and put it behind your back like a cushion.


If you're using LEDs to illuminate your Kindle, that's likely even worse for your circadian rhythms than an LCD monitor. The source of the sleep deprivation is from the hue of blue in the light waves, not from the lightsource itself. It doesn't matter where the light comes from, LED ...


Here's what I did to "hack" my sleep. Before, I would sleep anything from 9 – 10 hours. Nowadays, I'm down to 6 – 7 hours at most. I get up from the bed feeling refreshed every day. I don't have a single best way, but rather a combination of things. If you do all of these, and won't improve your sleep drastically (sleeping less and better), then I would be ...

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