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You have a habit you want to get rid of; namely, staying up too late. I'd suggest you look through previous questions with this tag. These two ones are probably most helpful: How do I make myself stop doing addictive activity? How to control or change habits? Any ideas on how to trick my mind into wanting to go to bed? I think this is mistaken. It's ...


If anything, physical activity should help one be more alert, so all these menial tasks are actually a favor to your body :) I'd suggest talking to your doctor and getting some routine stuff checked ,such as iron levels, B12 levels, and perhaps your thyroid as well. Additionally, you should make sure to drink plenty of water - lack of proper hydration ...


First speak to your spouse. If you get fired over this issue, it affects your spouse too. Also, can you try doing the chores after work. Some people think better at different hours. If you can offset the tiredness by being more productive at work, that might help.

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