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Pomodoro Timer Lite - Using Bootstrap CSS I built a basic and clean Pomdoro Timer as a pet project, for me and my friends. Features: 25:00 mins - Standard Timer 05:00 mins - Short Break 15:00 mins - Long Break Simple and Clean User Interface HTML5 App - Works on any device with latest browser. No installation needed Responsive Design - Adjusts to both ...


You might be looking for Sortd It makes you organize your Gmail into a Trello type board. I tried for drafts and it works fine too. Overall, it looks promising.


Build Focus Build Focus is a pomodoro timer, with built-in blocking, built around a city simulator. The city simulator itself is the pretty key part here: every time you complete a pomodoro your city gets a new building, or upgrade, but every time you get distracted a random building is demolished. Remarkably quickly the feedback loop means you get to the ...


arbtt seems to match your requirements. Configurable rules sort applications into tags, based on the active window but background ones can also be taken into account The docs show how to configure an idle timer. Hopefully this tracks both keyboard and mouse activity. Generates nice graphs with arbtt-graph (demo here) See also ulogme (screenshots here), ...

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