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I've started using Simpleology.Com. They offer a free version for personal use, and you can pay for additional features like issuing and monitoring tasks for others; or simplified project management methodology. One cool feature of Simpleology is that supplies a browser plug-in to filter out distractions by only allowing the URL list you specified in the ...


Omnifocus (universal ipad and iphone) is the one that has proved useful/sustainable for me) being able to forward email (or use third oarty app to post with a return link) is invaluable. its the only one of about a half dozen that I've tried that has proven to be able to capture everything needed in a simple enough fashion to be sustainable in action.


Google Keep is free, simple and powerful. I have settled on this tool and am very happy with it. It has also an Android app.


I believe you already identified the problem: you're using way too many apps and this is taking too much of your time and bringing your productivity down. I would: Automate as much as possible. E.g. maybe buy one of those water bottles that already log your water intake? (Couldn't really recommend any particular brand.) The more you can make these systems ...


Do you know how much time you spend tracking? Do you know how much time you spend looking at your dataporn? What's the result of all this tracking and looking? Can you achieve the same result with less tracking and looking?

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