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I think you're on the same path with Piotr Wozniak! Please read his story here: Want to Remember Everything You'll Ever Learn? Surrender to This Algorithm He is the inventor of the SM2 algorithm used in SuperMemo and it gave insight to many other similar applications such as Anki and Mnemosyne. That algorithm might give you some insight. Spaced repetition ...


Yes, it will sort of balance out, but it will take a while. I'm using Anki as well, and as soon as cards are getting into the mature state, and are steadily spreading away further and further, they will ease on your workload. When your workload gets too much, it often helps to take some kind of digestion break, to allow the bulk of cards to spread into the ...


If you review ahead of schedule, you will increase the likely strength of your memory. However, you will get less out of it than if you had waited: diminishing returns. If you have the time, go ahead, just understand that you are making a tradeoff between learning faster and learning more efficiently: you are like that person at the traffic light who races ...


I don't know of any specific software that does exactly what you want, and I would really like to see a software solution that does this properly myself. However, to get a decent review system, you might not need more than just tags. For a lot of people, a task manager is just a list manager. If that is the case for you, I can recommend using something like ...


Have a look at Retenda, it's a flexible service that supports spaced repetition to reinforce learning and long term recall. Retenda is a hosted web service that uses the proven principles of Spaced Learning to improve the level of memory retention following any learning activity or event. Administered by a tutor, trainer or other facilitator, ...


Try Anki : http://ankisrs.net/ I hope it is the software you need.


I recently found an app called Memonote that is definitely worth looking at. I don't think it's exactly there yet but it promises such features as a daily note review plan.

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