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Like many things, it depends. People think and consume information at different speeds. Also, there is variation from the speakers. I live in New York City, an area known for speaking fast. A video of me at 1x is going to have many more words per minute than someone from Georgia (an area known for speaking slower.) That's not a rate of play thing, it is ...


It can be distracting because when it speed up, it could screw up the voice, making it seem higher and sound more funny that something educational :) the goal is to take your time with something like videos so you can understand concepts. You can skip around a video or an audio file if you understand one part of the lecture and want to go to a different, but ...


Standard? Probably not. But googling best way to map underscore key came up with a few good ones: SHIFT-SPACE hyphen left single quote (just to the left of the 1 key on my keyboard)

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