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I have started app called todoist. It has progress bar, karma, priority, and works with chrome, outlook, gmail, and apps for kindle (using that now), ios, and Windows. I fell in love with its simplicity. I added recurring task like this "every Friday @ 9am" and worked perfect. I paid for premium version because I like it and want to see developers eat :) ...


Consider what you're able to accomplish safely while pushing the stroller. You might be able to take a phone call or listen to something technical. Perhaps you could get a baby carrier (like a BabyBjorn) and wear the kid. That way you'd have both hands free and wouldn't have to worry so much about running the stroller into things. I'd recommend slowing down ...


I apply the following advice to myself and it's working: Always have time for the 'nothing box' e.g. time where you do absolutely nothing. Technically speaking you unwind and rgroup Learn to set better targets by analyzing data. It's normal to over or under estimate one's ability to meet targets. Timely progress reviews gives one insight whether we are ...


1) You could use Siri to read and answer to your Emails (or whatever tool samsung has). 2) Baby stroller + phone = truck accident. It might be good advise to not use the phone while participating in traffic.

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