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In Covey's model, "urgent" means that a task requires immediate attention. For example, a ringing phone, catching a flight or preparing for a meeting tomorrow. They are the the items in our to-do list that shout “Now!”. The main problem with these tasks is that they usually put us in a reactive mode, one marked by a defensive, negative, hurried, and ...


A possible alternative to Trello if you want an offline option would be Wikidpad. It's quite barebones, since it's technically designed for building up a knowledgebase, but you can create pages for your things, then link to those pages from pretty much anywhere else in your file you want.


From your requirements above, it would seem that Trello may be a good solution to your preferred organization system. A single Trello 'board' contains a system of 'lists' which can contain unlimited 'cards'. Each card can contain a variety of content including tags, links, files, etc. And Trello can very easily be setup for GTD use.

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