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You should check out Mindfulness meditation and give it a try. There are indications that it can be very beneficial for ADHD people. Google it and read more about it.


I use Teamwork Projects for setting up task templates that I use over and over. I can then assign them to my team members, set due dates and priority levels and check the status. All comments, files, etc are all kept within the system so I don't have to go looking for them. Saves me a lot of time.

-1 They have it for other platforms also.


Here is what I do, in a few steps: 1. Organize your life Organize everything in your life into "topics" and "sub-topics", e.g: Career Work 1 Work 2 Education Subject 1 Subject 2 Creativity Music Drawing Health & Balance Exercise Nutrition Wellbeing Personal ...


Don't see it as negative inactivity. See it as giving your creative mind space. Recently I have began to realise the huge value in mental space between programming work. If you are using your mind and body differently in between doing your 'creative' work then it a good way to stay refreshed and focussed when you do come back to it. It also can give ...

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