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I've started using Simpleology.Com. They offer a free version for personal use, and you can pay for additional features like issuing and monitoring tasks for others; or simplified project management methodology. One cool feature of Simpleology is that supplies a browser plug-in to filter out distractions by only allowing the URL list you specified in the ...


Omnifocus (universal ipad and iphone) is the one that has proved useful/sustainable for me) being able to forward email (or use third oarty app to post with a return link) is invaluable. its the only one of about a half dozen that I've tried that has proven to be able to capture everything needed in a simple enough fashion to be sustainable in action.


Google Keep is free, simple and powerful. I have settled on this tool and am very happy with it. It has also an Android app.


Putting a low-tech reminder, or prompt, at the appropriate place can be helpful. For example, the moment you realize that you have to get groceries when driving home, you could go out to your car and put a note on the steering wheel. If that is too much work – maybe your car is parked far away – put the note somewhere else where you can't avoid ...


Wunderlist is great, available on all devices and all platforms. It has a free and a paid version and is interestingly good when tasks start getting out of hand and a good organization is needed. Wunderlist gives both folders and tags to organize alongwith some context oriented features and smart lists.


I use a webapp, Checkvist due to it's ease of use, ability to nest checklists/tasks, insert (and hide) notes, and flexibility (it also excels as an outlining tool). It's one shortfall in regard to your checkbox requirement is that it doesn't have an "active" checkbox. You can view and print the checklist with a checkbox; however, to indicate competed items ...


I think cherrytree might be what you are looking for. http://www.giuspen.com/cherrytree/ You can insert check-boxes (Edit->Insert special character) and tick them or untick them with a click. http://www.giuspen.com/topic/cherrytree-on-mac-osx/ The image is from Linux, but it's also available for Windows. I don't see it for OSX, but somebody got it ...


Preliminary remark: I've tried to set up a MYWN-system with Emacs org-mode and I'm working with it for more than a year now, however it's not yet complete. I'll try to add more details in the following days. My emacs setup is very cluttered at the moment, so I don't want to share it as is. How to use Emacs org-mode for M. Linenberger's MYWN* *Master Your ...

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