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I went to law school 40 years ago, long before laptops and other portable keyboarding devices. Among my classmates there were a variety of methods of keeping track of lecture material. We actually discussed among ourselves the various methods and whether one was better than another for retaining a large amount of material. It seems to be individual, based ...


I searched for "note taking by hand vs computer memory". Of the first three hits there were mixed results: This paper says there was more retention by typing. It's an interesting paper because it examines the differences between notetaking when reading a textbook vs when in a lecture. PBS says paper is better as does this article.


I used to have a 24" LCD in addition with my MBP 15". Here are some of the use cases: Coding: IDE on primary screen and resource on secondary screen. Reading: Take notes on primary, material on secondary. Web programming: IDE on primary, webpage result on secondary. productivity: GTD tools on secondary for reference, e.g. OmniFocus or Evernote where you ...


You do not say specific information about what you have to do with your computer in your work, so I would like to show you my current setup for gathering some ideas. In my work I read/write documents, data sheets and e-mails most of the time, but - as I am officially something like a software development manager - sometimes I have to write or review source ...

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