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Spaced repetition + peripheral brain + lots of practice. This guide that I co-authored, which is made for medical students, but is super applicable to learning in other domains, breaks this down. Learning Medicine: An Evidence-Based Guide


it's a 2012 question and marked but I really felt an urge to give my 2 cents here. what i do and it works for me is to write a diary. I am noting down task and other stuff in my diary for 2 years now and it and it is really working. I even make notes on the books i am reading in my other diary. I try to keep and utilize all sort of apps for the purpose but ...


Educational psychologists have concluded that in order to retain information, engaging in distributive practice testing is the way to go. In particular when you author the practice questions yourself and focus on asking "why" type-questions that require detailed answers. You must distribute the practice tests you give yourself based on the length of time ...


I would add - try setup voice program to read for you - something like Ivona. It's much more easy to read a lot when computer is reading for you.


Welcome to the modern world where context is likely a big factor. If someone has their smartphone off, then which form would you use? How often are you expecting that person to check that form for messages as voice mail, e-mail and texts can sit for hours in some cases. Faxes are still used for sending prescriptions in North America and makes sense to have ...

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