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Take the task with highest priority. Devote 100% of your time to it until complete, you hit a block, or your priorities change. Repeat. Anything else and you're spending too much time thinking about work instead of doing work.


While Dennis' answer is suitable for an ideal scenario, in reality you may have conflicting priorities that make this unworkable. So while there is no algorithm that is going to be appropriate for everyone, you should at the very least look at: Expected effort / resource Will this take you 5 minutes or 5 days Due date How much slippage is allowed ...


You might want to talk to a doctor about some of this. As far as productivity, start by picking something you can do that gives you a "small win." And build from there. For example, maybe you could say that you will go to the library and read for an hour. (This will help with the distractions/feeling lonely). Or maybe you could say that you will read for 15 ...


Something like Cold Turkey for Linux might help. Or if you want to do this manually, try setting your root password to some random string and write it on a piece of paper which you keep as far away as possible. The physical action of having to retrieve the root password might give you a chance to stop yourself.

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