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I can tell You the main benefit of punctuality: From society aspect, you will inspire others to doing the same. As a wise man say, Do what do you wish to do others. And you help make better future From self aspect, you will feel more morally and self-balanced.


Smartphones make easy to have always something to read at hand. I save Internet sites and read them at those scattered moments. The phone is always with you, so... I also read books while I brush my teeth, using a timer: 30 secs x 4 areas = 2 mins of reading.


It is advisable to take a break twice for a 3 hour exam. After an hour, you'll notice that you'll start to drag. Consider drinking water and closing your eyes for 5 mins. This should help your brain rest a little and get your focus back on.


The nature of any possible break may be entirely defined by the exam invigilator. Some will not let you do anything other than walk to the bathroom and back, others will let you have food, and some open book exams may even let you study. I'd suggest if you need to take one: Do it when you feel like you have stalled and you aren't answering effectively. ...


My first tip: once an exam is written, forget everything about it until the results come back. There is nothing you can do to change it, and beating yourself up over questions you may or may not have missed is not productive. It takes a while to learn how to do this properly, but once you can, it makes focusing on the rest of your exams so much easier. As ...


I check all my notifications (facebook, whatsapp, stackexchange, etc.) during these break times. At times, I also read news during these waiting periods.


I think that it's a good idea to experiment as you’re doing. You may have already noticed that the amount of time you’re spending working is a lot less than you thought. When you’re not tracking time for a client or employer, it may suffice to simply use a timer with a bell sound, and to maintain a consistent cycle of minutes working followed by minutes ...


Syed Balkhi of the Young Entrepreneur Council wrote this article on the 6 Powerful Actions for Improving Your Productivity. I'll quote what he said on his 1st recommended action which is "Tracking." How much of your time is spent on emails or on the phone versus doing your most important work? If you don't have a clear picture of how your days are ...


When you have no reason to, no purpose. Measuring anything is a waste of time if you have not determined beforehand why you want to measure what. Usually you determine the why first (why would you want to measure 'time', instead of 'time spent on X'), then you decide what is useful to measure, then you decide which tools you use (you don't use an ordinary ...


Because being on time gives you power. It shows people that your word can be relied on; that if you say X, X will happen. Two things are involved: A) What comes out of your mouth and B) What you actually do. When these two correspond, people will perceive you as having integrity. This is no different then e.g with lying or cheating, where A and B will ...


You can timebox your working time. You should give the pomodoro technique a try. Work 25 minutes, pauze 5, then repeat... It makes your brain think you have to finish in 25 minutes and thus it speeds up. If you make the 5 minute break something totally different then your work, then your brain is ready to go for another 25minutes.


Time is a poor measure for achievements. It is the best that some firms have for costs, but this doesn't mean that we should apply it on a personal level. Breaking down tasks and writing new ones when unforeseen events happen is a good idea. Ask yourself "Have I done the best I can, without deteriorating my health or other crucial aspects of my life?" ...


You have to "hear the silence" you have to understand that there is always around the life with you . The first thing to do is to stop chasing thoughts, and just listen to them from the side - later you realize their senselessness.

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