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You may lose 5-10 minutes of your life by being early. But by being late, you may lose 30 minutes (by missing the bus, doctor calling someone else, and so on). If someone is waiting for you, you'll lose a lot of respect which will take far more than 5-10 minutes of your life to earn back. My father would refuse to do business with people who show up to ...


There are lots of good answers already. Let me add one more aspect. There is an asymmetry between being early and being late. If you are early, you know that you are early. You can plan accordingly. If you are 30 minutes early, you can bring a book. If you are 5 minutes early, you can do a quick phone call, read or write a few emails or messages. When you ...


I used to have a problem with chronic lateness, and I whilst I was well aware of the problems that my lateness caused me, I often overlooked the impact of my lateness on others. This is partly because many of these problems were experienced by people before I even arrived, and when I did finally turn up, I was often in such a rush that I didn’t notice other ...


Ktimetracker Although I have no experience with this particular software, it might suit your needs. It's from KDE, so if you are using other Desktop Environment it might install a lot of dependencies. https://www.kde.org/applications/utilities/ktimetracker/


I use Hamster. It meets all your requirements. I have mine set to track to the nearest 1/10 of an hour (6 minutes). If there is inactivity for that period, it stops tracking but also every 6 minutes a 5-second tiny window pops up in the corner to remind you as to which project you're currently tracking against...to included you're currently not tracking ...


You should aim to be slightly early because it acts as a form of contingency. Years ago I would calculate the exact time I needed to leave the house, in order to pick my daughters up from school. Then I would adjust the alarm on my phone so it reminded me to leave the house just at the moment which would ensure I reached the school just in time, and did not ...


Probably the single best reason is so you are respectful. Being late for a meeting or an appointment is disrespectful to all others involved. While it is wrong for others to do it (Doctor appointments etc..) you don't want to stoop to their level. Always being respectful to others will only make you a better person and others will see it.


I have been through Evernote, Stickers, Remember the Milk and I didn't like any of them. I use my computer AND my phone to organise my things. Evernote cannot store as many notes as you might think. At some point it pops up and requests money. I cannot connect Stickers to my phone. Remember the Milk can only synchronise once every 12 hours or so. I use ...


I've personally used Stickies for years and I think that, for a "Post-It" like application for Windows with the ability to set reminders, you'll be hard pressed to find better. Doesn't synchronize with any online service, though.

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