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Put a rubber band around your wrist. For each minute you go beyond your set limit, give yourself a good snap with the rubber band.


To know how much time you have in a day you should first answer this question : How much time can you stay fully focused per day ? Fully focused means doing a task without any interruption Everybody is different on that but there is a way you can measure it. To know what your focus capacity is, use a time tracking software like Toggl. http://toggl.com ...


-Subtract the amount of hours you sleep. let's say you sleep 7 hours a day. -If you are working on a traditional 9-5 job. Substract that 8 hours and you take out 2 hours for transport, eating, etc You got 7 hours left. but this is a pretty optimistic estimate


The best way is to have a daily-schedule, and then stick to it. You should make sure to fill in (roughly) each hour. But there are some simple web-blockers to try. SilentBlock on FF, and Citrus on Chrome.


There are various applications that you can run on your PC that will limit access to non-essential apps. There are questions on here already that discuss some of them. Sure, you can get round them if you have to, but it makes it more difficult to absent-mindedly slip into wathcing YouTube or otherwise wasting time online. Of course, you could try and ...

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