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Try asana.com It integrates well with sunrise calendar app. You can plan your goals perfectly with it. They have an android app but it isnt good enough. They just updated their iOS app and will update their android app soon. Or try trello.com Also, their is the wonderful software 2do at play store ... 2doapp.com Check it out. Its perfect for mobile ...


instead of spending much time to plan, it could be better to create incentive for doing something every (available) day. checklist is a way of doing that, f.ex on paper, with http://joesgoals.com, or http://dontbreakthechain.com. another is to capture time, f.ex with http://slimtimer.com (not sure about android client). in addition i'd recommend some ...


HabitRPG - Track your goals as a game. It has a web site and a Android app. I use it everyday, it's a bit complex at start but it's good

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