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I use TimeCamp , it's automatic time tracking software. It's cool because it works basing on keywords so it tracks time automatically and it also stops tracking when I leave my computer and starts when I go back to it.


I had similar requirements and did not find what I needed. (I tried to re-launch your question with this entry) The recommended tools KTimeTracker and Hamster also did not do what I was looking for so I launched a new project at GitHub: https://github.com/frans-fuerst/track Currently it only supports Linux but in case you're still in search of a solution ...


After some more research I did not find what I am looking for. And as announced I started to develop a dedicated solution. In case there is some interest on this project I will consider merging it with one of the existing solutions (like hamster or ktimetracker). If you're interested in early development visit me at https://github.com/frans-fuerst/track ...


I use Hamster. It meets all your requirements. I have mine set to track to the nearest 1/10 of an hour (6 minutes). If there is inactivity for that period, it stops tracking but also every 6 minutes a 5-second tiny window pops up in the corner to remind you as to which project you're currently tracking against...to included you're currently not tracking ...


Ktimetracker Although I have no experience with this particular software, it might suit your needs. It's from KDE, so if you are using other Desktop Environment it might install a lot of dependencies. https://www.kde.org/applications/utilities/ktimetracker/

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