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I'm going to offer an adage from the context of playing music: To go fast you have to slow down! You slow way down to super slow motion and practice efficient motion and releasing any tension you might have in your arms and body. There is a certain amount of retraining and relearning that may go on, and for that a lot of patience is needed. I first came ...


I agree, slow down and fix any techniques to speed up. It sounds like you need to work on your accuracy. A simple "Proper typing technique" Google search will teach you tons. An ergonomic or mechanical keyboard can help relieve some of the strain on your hands as well so you can hold a consistent speed. On mechanical keyboards it takes less force to type so ...


When I wanted to develop my typing skills I used TypingStudy, which was a great help. It also helps if you want to learn to type with Dvorak or Colemak properly. Let me know if it was useful for you too.


For learning regular shorthand, you practice in stages: Master the symbols Translate reading/writing words Practice while watching tv or the like so you are used to working under speed For typing speed, consider entering these in a tool like TextExpander. This lets you type in the shorthand and have them expanded into English words. I hadn't heard of ...


90+ words per minute is WAY higher than most people, the best of the business tend to max out around 120 words per minute. That said there might be ways to improve... Equipment Equipment is important, a crummy soft touch is going to slow you down. Getting a really nice mechanical keyboard won't require you to fully depress the key allowing you to move on ...


If you are struggling to improve, even with practice, my assumption is that you have a technique problem. Practice should, however, reduce the number of mistakes you make - you really don't want to be wasting time deleting and retyping things. So, couple of thoughts: take a short course on typing. Secretarial colleges offer ones which should be able to ...


Standard? Probably not. But googling best way to map underscore key came up with a few good ones: SHIFT-SPACE hyphen left single quote (just to the left of the 1 key on my keyboard)

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