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Why do they end up in the downloads folder in the first place? Many (most?) browsers have an option to ask you where to download the file to, instead of automatically putting them in the 'downloads' folder. That way you immediately decide where to put them when downloading and you no longer waste time cleaning up. For all those files that you only need ...


Google calender does this, just set the reminder timer to head of the events. There is a desktop-ish version of Google calender you can download for free.


You might want to try Hazel, which I use very often to automate a lot of repetitive stuff. You can use it to rename files, delete files that haven't been opened since a certain time, delete duplicates, and so on. It's up to your ingenuity in terms of what it can accomplish for you.


I use OSX, where you can sort files by "added on date". I use that to sort my downloads folder. From time to time I review all items in the folder (oldest items first) and then force myself to either move the file to another location or delete it. An important component in that system is that I rename every file as soon as I download it to make review ...


You can also use the Sunrise app. It syncs all of your Google Calendars + reminders + Evernote and a lot more. You can set reminders before the events happen as well.

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