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What do you do during your breaks? If you surf around or check facebook/reddit, you'll be tempted to continue longer than you ought to. If you take a walk outside, you'll probably not do it for to long, and if you do, it's a more helpful break. Good breaks: Walks outside, walks inside, coffee break with collegues, eating a snack.


You could also try taking small breaks of exactly the same time for a while. After you're getting into a habit of finishing your break in time and getting back to work, you can increase the time span, until it feels comfortable. By that time you should have a habit of plugging in back after a pause.


Before you take a break, write down the next action to be done after you get back to work. This is important for two reasons - 1) you won't waste time trying to recall what you were working on 2) getting back to work will be much easier. Large portion of why we procrastinate is because the task is vague and we're afraid of it. Actionable tasks help with ...


There are two ways how I make myself get back to work after a small break I know exactly what I am going to do during the break and after I have accomplished wanted I get back straight to work without excuses. If I do not know exactly what I am doing during the break I set a timer on my phone. And go back to work after it has set off. I found it useful ...

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