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I think I used to suffer from this too. The people who told you work out in the morning makes you feel energetic were right but not completely. They didn't really give you the real reason behind it. As a programmer and entrepreneur myself I will tell you, Morning routines (not the same thing as workout, hold on a second) puts you into your zone. Why have a ...


Stop doing things that you don't want to be doing. If you don't love your work to the fullest, you'll work to survive and keep doing what you don't like to do. That makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. If you're good enough (especially in IT), you'll get a great job with great pay anyway. Having said that, I do think you could learn more from a current ...


If you don't take powernaps, this could give you some time. Find out how long your sleep cycle is; it is about one and a half hour. By taking 2-3 powernaps during the day, you should be able to sleep one cycle less each night, giving you around 90 minutes extra a day for studying/programming.


By the sounds of it you sounds like you know what you want but you don't how how to reach your goal, where to start, or who to go to. Let me tell you my story, and see how we relate. I graduated with a degree in Business Economics and decided I wanted to work with computers. I got a job in an IT support company and after a couple of months I decided ...

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