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I met a guy many years ago who used notepad to store everything. I laughed because I found that so ridiculous, since the day I decided to do the same... I was looking for the easiest, the most efficient and the cheapest solution. I tried Excel, I tried a lot of websites, I built my own website, but any of those solutions didn't bring to me enough ...


I had the same issue, this is how I solved the problem: Open the share menu Select "copy link" option, the url now is copied to the clipboard Switch to Pocket Pocket recognizes that a url has been copied to the clipboard and gives you an option to "add" the url Select the "add" option


As pointed already in a comment, don't expect any app to magically organize you, it must be you to organise yourself. Then a good app may help. To me, it is a constant fight. What helps me for a couple of years is org-mode over Emacs. It can probably do everything you ask for. It is my personal agenda and planner, bug / feature request tracker for smallish ...

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