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I use Teamwork Projects for setting up task templates that I use over and over. I can then assign them to my team members, set due dates and priority levels and check the status. All comments, files, etc are all kept within the system so I don't have to go looking for them. Saves me a lot of time.

-1 They have it for other platforms also.


The premise of your question is flawed. You are looking for inspiration from Mechanical Engineering because of the issues you have with Agile Development methods. You are interested in taking good ideas from other disciplines and applying them to your own field. You recognise that there are flaws in your present approach, and that you have a willingness to ...


For Mechanical Engineers it is even more important to "...practice all the unnecessary stuff like software developers do by writing down every step that is necessary to create a piece of machinery." This step is never unnecessary. It is essential for any level of consistency and repeatability, and whereas in software design you can continually change a ...


You may want to check out Time Doctor. It integrates well with Redmine and JIRA. This is how your tasks/projects/issues will look like inside of Time Doctor. This is the tool I use to manage my daily workflow since it also integrates well with the other productivity and project management tools I use (e.g Trello, Basecamp).

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