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The best answer is probably at http://zenhabits.net/zen-to-done-ztd-the-ultimate-simple-productivity-system/ -- Leo Babauta literally wrote the book on Zen To Done, and this post is his introduction to the system, comparing it with GTD.


Important for me is that you tell that there is not one single solution that fits for everyone. It is good to know a lot of techniques to choose the right mixture that is the best match for every person. It's like having a toolbox with lots of tools and being able to choose the right tool for the task you are doing.


Talking about tools and techniques is important and may show the importance of at least think about productivity. However, this talks can become a bit abstract, and people may not find ways to use that in their daily life. More than talking about techniques and tools you should show by example how you can be more productive or stress-free applying some of ...


My best advice, especially for the first "conversation", is to keep it simple. There is a lot of variety of methodologies, and a lot of detail in each of those methodologies, and it's easy for folks who are casually interested in the subject to feel completely overwhelmed. I give a twice-yearly, GTD-based presentation on personal task management to our ...


Great idea. I think that this should be enough. You wrote that they do not have any idea. Important is to create an awareness that it is possible to be more productive and that it will be a continual process in which you get better with practice. The technique used should not be so important, but the main principles used, e.g. note taking and why this is ...

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