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Functional analyst, working in Belgium. Happy to help, happy to learn.

29/04/2011: Yearling badge! I visited this site 353/365 days, but never 100 days in a row ;)

If I edited your post and didn't state why, feel free to ask. But it's probably these:

  • Fixed the title to better reflect the contents
  • Fixed spelling, punctuation and capitalisation
  • Removed "Hi, Thanks, Bye" and other non-contents fluffy filler.

comment What email folders do I need?
I like this, but how do you handle the "project" folders? If a message could be in "waiting" and in "project 1", what do you do?
comment Handle tasks with no specific due date
Can we have a summary of the movie for those who are at work and can't watch movies, or (as is recommended on SE when dealing with external resources) in case the resource disappears one day?
comment What robots can help with household chores?
You own 5, of which 4 are broken, and still recommend it? How much did they cost, all together? How long have they served?
comment How do I get more productive from using keyboard shortcuts?
Just like with for example a custom keyboard layout, the greatest drawback of your own is offcourse every time you use a computer where your shortcuts are not available, you'll be slower or make mistakes. And those are the moments where people are watching you :)