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comment Return e-mails to inbox at a later date
You could try Mailbox, for Mac. It’s in beta, but it’s a public beta. Also works on iOS, for when you get a smart phone.
comment How to get over that embarassing incident
This question appears to be off-topic because it is about embarrassment in a social situation, which is leading to the person not wanting to work out. It’s not really relate to productivity at all.
comment How to organize a large number of reoccuring tasks\maintenance?
I didn't fully appreciate your point that these aren't actual tasks, just informational. I actually would set up recurring meetings in outlook, but in another calendar—like people do with conference rooms. Then you can see openings by trying to schedule a meeting and looking at free/busy times.
comment What are basic techniques to cope with an extremely tough and totally unfamiliar university subject?
Is quantum physics just an example or the specific subject being asked about. I expect that someone with no background in science trying to jump right into a graduate course on quantum physics simple isn't going to be able to succeed. There is simply too much background material that will be critical to understanding the course that they don't know yet. I'd recommend lookup up the course prerequisites and becoming fluent in those first.
comment How does office temperature affect productivity?
In order for this answer to be more useful as a stand-alone resource, I'd suggest summarizing the interesting findings or conclusions from the link and/or some of the key papers that are cited. As it stands, this is just a redirect to a list of papers and doesn't really answer the question.
comment What FUTURE-PROOF software for building & managing a personal BIG knowledge base?
This question appears to be off-topic because it is about future proof software and making a personal database of information, but nothing about how such a system would aid productivity or how to be more productive in working inside a personal database system. It's an interesting question about future proof software, but off-topic for the site.
comment How can I achieve my New Years resolutions?
I'm deleting this answer because it only provides a quick link but no explanation of how this answers the question, why it's valuable, etc.
comment How to stop myself from forgetting keys, helmet, mobile phone at shops and office?
This question appears to be off-topic because it is about a life hack but not productivity.
comment Do noise cancelling headphones block human speech and PA systems?
I think a link to a detailed discussion of how noise canceling headphones deal with ambient conversations work would be helpful as I've also read that some (Bose specifically IIRC) are specifically designed to not, or less significantly attenuate noise in the frequencies of typical human speech for safety and situational awareness reasons.
comment Advantages of disconnected time
Completely anecdotal, but the Verge sponsored someone to spend a year unplugged from the internet. He's back and wrote an essay on the experience.
comment Getting rid of an “I'll do it later” habit
This question, as posed, is too broad to really have any effective answers. It appears what's being asked is a very general question about time management, procrastination, and how to be more productive during working hours so that you don't have to stay late. These themes have been the topic of at least dozens of books--and as a general rule if a question is so broad that it could serve as the topic for a book it's too broad to be a question on Stack Exchange. If you have a more specific question that could yield a narrower answer we'd love to have it.
comment The rules or training: how to behave in open space?
Answers that provide references to external material can be helpful, but because links can break and because many people who find this answer may not follow them it would be helpful to expand on this answer with a synopsis of the links. Just enough for a reader to be interested enough to follow them.
comment Does Uberman's Sleep Schedule result in more productivity?
@NikanaReklawyks Absolutely write an answer.
comment How to avoid my Laziness
Welcome to the site! I've closed this question as being too broad to really be answerable by the site's Q&A format. The list of things you're asking for help on is very broad. It's really a list of symptoms and not much information about any underlying issues.
comment What should I do with emails that contain information that I often refer back to?
This is too narrow of a recommendation to be a good general answer to your question, but for things like log-on information I store things in 1Password, although there are similar apps for secure storage of log-on information. Most should also allow a free notes field where you could paste unique instructions.
comment At google, is the work always creative?
This is more a question about Google corporate culture and not really personal productivity.
comment Manage multiple tabs in browser
I can't imagine having that many tabs open unless a good majority of them are to pages or articles you want to read later, in which case you should check out a time-shifting reading service like Instapaper, Pocket, Readability, or the reader feature in Safari.
comment Developing Social Skills
This question is a little to broad for a Q&A format because it violates the principle that a question so broad that it could become an entire book, which this topic could, is too large for the site. I recommend decomposing the question into smaller bite size chunks. Perhaps techniques for engaging in small talk with strangers would be small enough. If you want help decomposing this topic perhaps folks would be willing to help out in the chat room, which is totally appropriate for more free-form discussion like that.
comment What is the best tool for improving brain power?
Welcome. Recommendation or shopping list questions are generally discouraged on SE sites (e.g. gaming because they're not a good fit for the Q&A format. Our meta has a discussion about recommendations, which although infant offers good guidance. Please try re-phrasing your question along the lines of a guide: how to pick, not what to pick.
comment Is there a good virtual desktop manager software for Windows?
There are several duplicate questions about Windows virtual desktop software with answers over on Superuser, which is probably a better fit for this more software than productivity related question.