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I'm a UNIX and Linux System Administrator, mostly specializing in Linux and HP-UX and Solaris, but also familiar with OpenVMS. I've worked with Debian, Ubuntu, Red Hat, Fedora, FreeBSD, and OpenBSD on multiple platforms including Mac PowerPC, HP-9000, and Intel.

comment Is there data on the effectiveness on mind-mapping?
I would second @DavidAntaramian: Tony Buzan's book The Mind Map Book is a good resource for studies and so on, though it might be considered biased.
comment Techniques for mind dump (including mind sweeps/trigger lists)
Speaking in GTD terms, it sounds like you are not referring to universal capture (writing everything down immediately on the spot when you think of it) but rather the weekly review (or "emptying of the mind").
comment How to engage those dreaded tasks on time
You've described procrastination. There are already several Q&A on procrastination: see here and here.
comment What tools/techniques are useful in managing notes in different physical/digital locations?
The questioner already uses Evernote: this answer doesn't answer his question.
comment In GTD how do I track projects with subprojects?
I use goals for things like "Learn French" or "Write book" - that is, multi-year goals. There are sub-tasks available, but that's a Toodledo Pro feature.
comment Does listening to music help or hurt productivity?
There are programs to generate white or pink noise for the Mac (Noisy or White Noise) and Linux (whitenoise) and Windows (White Noise Sleep System). There's even a web-based application called SimplyNoise.
comment How to overcome lazyness and procastination?
GTD = Getting Things Done - a method of organizing your things to do to get more done.
comment Which GTD apps provide cloud syncing, android device access, and SSL?
The important thing is to follow through with the GTD process; perhaps you are focusing too much on the application? (That's okay, happens to the rest of us too!) It's much too easy to focus on finding the perfect app instead of doing things. Find something that has just about everything you want then make it work. Also go with something that just feels natural and comes easily - might not be digital at all.