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Big Ball of Mud maintainer (mostly Java, C++, and SQL - Perl, Python, and JavaScript as necessary) currently living in Charlotte, NC. I also tutor Java, Python, and JavaScript part-time at Franklin University.

I blog about programming, math, learning, and technology at BillTheLizard.com.

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I also wrote @BountyBot, a Twitter bot that posts new and interesting bounty questions from Stack Overflow. You can view the source on GitHub.

comment Typing versus Handwriting for recall
@Scooter, I've searched some more, but I can't find any studies other than the ones on learning reading/writing/language skills. I imagine the results will vary greatly based on the topic you're learning. (Take programming as an example. I'd expect you to learn a lot more about programming from typing vs. writing longhand simply because you wouldn't be compiling/running/debugging programs you wrote out by hand.)