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comment How should I track tasks based on urgency and importance, and choose due dates for non-urgent important tasks?
Sorry, my question was misleading - I'm not (necessarily) trying to use a GTD-like approach. And right, the strict due date would be the day of the wedding (or the day before). But a reasonable one would be quite a bit before that. An even more reasonable one would be relatively soon - but then I'll constantly push it back.
comment What do I do with reasonably large tasks that are due at some point in the future?
Ok, thanks - I was thinking of something like the first approach. I guess my question then is how do you decide on those due dates and how flexible are you with them? Do you pick them pretty arbitrarily? Do you choose them at times you think you'll be free? I'm specifically thinking of the situation where I get a reminder alarm, and I'm supposed to immediately start working on it (maybe that's not reasonable and I'm being too rigid). Is it ok to postpone them in this case, as long as it's not for too long?
comment How can I deal with my personal email while working a full-time job?
Thanks. And yes, I know I can't spend a lot of time - that's the essence of my question. Sadly just about everything automated is filtered out already too - I'm insane about creating these filters (I have tons) and it works well - I get about 100 a day, have a canned gmail search to see them, skim a few per day. These are pretty much all personal emails (10-15 per day) from friends/family/recruiters which for the most part require personal responses.
comment What techniques can I use to remember to do simple things that are context sensitive?
Thanks for the response. You're right, these are (somewhat) important, just not as important as other things (e.g. paying my credit card bill is more important the binder clip!). And the tags for certain contexts could work - I just don't know if I would even think to look at my todo list when I go to take a shower! However, perhaps just putting it on the list and looking at that list throughout the day, as I normally do, will be enough.
comment What books are helpful when I'm in a rut, creativity and productivity-wise?
I'm certainly open to fiction, but I was really thinking about non-fiction. It could either be something like you mentioned that would explicitly offer techniques/suggestions, or just something insprirational (in the way that seeing a live band perform makes me motivated to work on my music). Thanks!
comment How can I decide when it's worth it to spend money to save time?
You're right. I just changed it. Thanks!
comment How do I remind myself of tasks that I have to do at a certain time?
This can work in some scenarios, but not others - for example, my list would either be online somewhere, or on paper. Now consider something I need to do on my way home (say, for example, I'm going to dinner and have to pick up a prescription at the pharmacy when walking home from dinner). If my list is online, I'm not going to see it until I get home. If it's in my pocket, I have to check it specifically between the dinner and the pharmacy, and the chances of that happening are slim.
comment How do I remind myself of tasks that I have to do at a certain time?
I do - but the big problem with that is that it's too clunky to "snooze" the alarm.
comment How can I combat my tendancy of always wanting to do what I'm not able to?
That was kind of what I was getting at - maybe it's really just wanting to do something other than work. But I'm not sure - because even when I'm doing other fun things (out with friends, traveling, etc.) I find myself thinking about home improvements, for example. So I think I do want to do these things (and at the least, they are mostly things that should get done).
comment How can I combat my tendancy of always wanting to do what I'm not able to?
Thanks - using that list is a good idea (ironically I find that I often sit at work writing the list, and then leave it there on my desk). I may also just make a google spreadsheet for it so I can easily edit it anywhere.
comment How do I deal with distractions when working on a computer?
There is also Chrome Nanny, which is much more flexible and LeechBlock-like. Unfortunately though, all Chrome extensions are worthless to me because it's just too easy to hit shift-esc to bring up the Chrome task manager, and kill the processes for the extensions. There is probably some way to disable the task manager though...