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comment How can I approach time and arrangements being compromised by unfavourable company?
Why should you lose your mutual friends ? That's why I talked about forgetting and ignoring them, so that you can be ok when seeing mutual friends when they are here. If you stop seeing someone just because you don't like one of their friends, you'll end up staying at home all the time ;)
comment Fixing 'reverse-tiredness'?
I recommend reading this article that I found really interesting about sleep (thanks to the one who posted it somewhere in a SO comment). Maybe you are somebody with a long circadian rythm ?
comment Team work and productivity: Noisy office vs quite room
For those interested in the answers go see the question on programmers : programmers.stackexchange.com/questions/138359/… BTW, try not to cross post on the different websites ;)
comment Why am I not motivated in this excellent situation?
Is the deal the real problem ? Maybe the work they give you isn't challenging. Maybe the work environment is not motivating. Maybe it's not the work but a problem in your personal life. Maybe this. Maybe that. Frankly, I think we don't know enough to give you good advice.
comment Are there studies on the effect of relationships on productivity?
"Now, on the other hand, having more relationships also means more interruptions." Maybe the key is to keep it at a manageable level (and not like somebody I know who tries to know everyone he encounters)