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comment How to love ( studying )?
I'm not sure if my comment helps you, but you don't need to love to study, just to endure it. My simple advice is: try to think about your goal (good grade or passing), use a simple method for structuring your time like pomodoros and structure your material in manageable units. Good luck!
comment Any Taskwarrior-like for habits?
if you already use taskwarrior you most likely are OK with using the command line. My idea ist to have a single "habit_log.txt" where you log how you did on your habit. To make logging easier create a bunch of shell aliases that append to that file with the current time stamp. You can later then write a script to create stats on your habits.
comment How to increase my spare time whilst studying/working a lot
+1 to "don't cut your sleep time" (and the other points too).
comment How can I speed up my coding?
@petajamaja: Maybe then add "pair programming" to the list of suggestions, and tell your peer that they absolutely should tell you if they notice some things you can do more efficiently.
comment Student implementing GTD: 2 next actions lists?
+1 for the point about priorities. I used different todo list implementations over time, and the most helpful things were a simple "A, B, C" priority system for paper lists, or a "thesis" tag in an electronic system (combined with a filter that only displays those tasks".
comment How to keep up with academic publications (papers) as a researcher?
Can you describe better how the site you linked does help with the issues @Rabarberki mentioned?
comment Which computer-based Pomodoro timers exist and what are their features?
You should mention that its currently in private alpha, e.g. one can't really use it right away.
comment Want to invent a machine to record when I go to bed
I voted to close your question, because its very broad and somewhat off topic here (a question about an electronic device would fit better on the electronics SE site). However I agree with all the people that said that this task has already been solved in different ways, there are even phone apps that track your sleep simply by laying on the mattress and detecting movements.
comment What are the best podcasts/audiobooks (preferably free) to listen too?
I voted to close the question because any topic you are interested in this is really off topic here iMO. However there are good resources like the iTunes podcast directory that give you a list of good (or popular) podcasts. My recommendation is "This American Life" and "Note to Self".
comment How should I ask a question? Which doesn't feel so original/genuine?
In its current form I don't really get what you mean by "not genuine" questions. Can you give an example? Could you rephrase "not genuine" somehow?
comment What are the weaknesses of the GTD system?
But isn't that much better than having the "someday" idea always on your mind? In my experience its really freeing to dump the idea in that place knowing that it is save for later, and then kill it off a few review cycles later because it was not really feasible for some reason anyway.
comment How do I complete my task on the deadline?
possible duplicate of How to overcome lazyness and procrastination?
comment How do I complete my task on the deadline?
This question has a large overlap with all the "procratination" question on this site (delaying until a deadline is a classic procrastination pattern). You might want to search for that term and look which questions are similar tor yours. I'm also voting to close the question for that reason.
comment Is speed reading worth learning over PhotoReading?
The "PhotoReading" claim seems ridiculous if you consider the optical limitations of the human eye alone.This article on speed reading in general has some good points IMO:
comment I feel hopeless I feel like don't even deserve to live. What should I do?
@King: I get that sometimes getting help is difficult. I don't know where you live, but there are places that give counseling for free without a lot of paperwork or a long waiting list. Sometimes it helps a lot just to talk to a person.
comment A time-management watch with alarms, timers and vibration?
I since got a pebble watch, and can say that paired with a smartphone the Pebble watch will do all of the things OP asked for. The easiest way to do this is to setup calendar events on your phone or in your broswer with a notification, those events sync to the pebble and let it vibrate. It is user friendly and has a "real life" battery life of about 4-5 days.
comment Amphetamines for an academic (or other thinkers)
Talk to your doctor if you want to use that kind of substances in a safe an legal way. Hint: There are way more issues with amphetamines than "emotional numbing". I guess has experiences of amphetamine users that talk about all kinds of side effects.
comment What productive things can you do while you eat?
Eat during your break times, so you would do anything that brings you joy or relaxation. You can be productive outside your break time. For me it's reading talking to people or reading stuff from my Pocket list when I'm alone.
comment What is the Shortest Time Unit of a Goal?
You have to find your own size of goals or tasks that are big enough that your list of goals does not get too big to create/handle, and small enough that you can reach them in a resonable timeframe.
comment What is the ultimate personal organization system?
Just curious: Is a progress tracker really needed? My task manager already supports projects (= a group of tasks that belong together) and gives me the % done of that task.