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Weirder than you think.

comment Too lazy to do programming?
I think this is a great answer. It is essential to accept that work is work. At the same time, changing language, external motivation etc. can help things along considerably.
comment How to deal with vague tasks?
The best way to determine if something is readable and understandable is to get someone to read and understand it. If nobody else is available, you'll have to do it yourself. So the specific tasks might be, (1) attempt to find reader or (2) read through work and identify problems. There is no magic formula for judging clarity, but with experience you'll learn about the general principles.
comment How do I set aside time for leisurely reading?
Could you increase your time on the subway? I've never been to NYC, but if it is anything like the London Tube you could travel the wrong way a couple of stops and then go back the right way again.
comment Trying to be an early raiser
As a general rule, if you want to wake up 3 hours earlier, you're going to have to get to bed (and to sleep) 3 hours earlier.
comment How do you Unlearn things?
You can't actually unlearn things... but you can learn new things that make old ones redundant. For example, you can't unlearn how to ride a bicycle, but you can choose to take the bus instead. So, don't try to overcome unhelpful habits by focusing on how to get rid of them. Instead, put your energy into developing new habits that replace the unhelpful ones.
comment How to effectively manage time for 10 books?
Why are you working on 10 projects rather than focusing on 1 at a time?
comment How to become more productive or remain one of the updated person in work as a Software Developer
Don't ignore the non-technical side of your job, such as people skills, communication skills, time management etc. In my experience (I've been in the IT industry for over 20 years, and my work is very much in demand), these often contribute as much if not more to my productivity than the technical stuff (which you can't neglect, but you can de-emphasise).
comment How can I use Agile/SCRUM at home?
These are great pointers. However, you could improve your answer a lot by discussing some of the main points from the sites you reference.
comment What is the optimum number of tasks in a day to be productive?
This book recommends 3 tasks a day: gettingresults.com/wiki/Main_Page
comment How to make a plan without readjusting it?
As you've discovered, skipping sleep is a bad idea. Sleep should, therefore, be high on your priority list.
comment Introvert to Extrovert in 5 years. How?
The distinction between shyness and introversion is an important one, but I wouldn't be surprised if introverts are likely to be more shy. Why? Our nature leads us to having less social interaction, leading to less social skill, leading to lack of confidence and fear. Even if this is not the case then productivity in certain situations may well depend on being more out-going.
comment Why I daily wake up at around 10 AM?
What is your sleeping environment like? Factors like light, noise and temperature can effect sleep patterns.
comment How to force myself to reach office on time?
Are you putting in less hours because of your lateness, or are you staying later to make them up?
comment What do you do while eating?
+1 Although I freely admit that it is often easier to recognise the right answer than to live by it.
comment Concentrating on reading in a noisy environment
What was the problem with earplugs, music and white noise?
comment How to cope with “idea overflow”?
+1 for writing down ideas.
comment Why am I not making money and success even If I am organised, motivated and hard-working?
A long as you define success in pure financial terms you'll miss true fulfillment. For example, in the long term giving up a good night's sleep won't bring fulfillment - it'll just make you ill.
comment Why am I not making money and success even If I am organised, motivated and hard-working?
Eric Clapton, Mark Knopfler and numerous others make money out of playing guitar. I'll bet it started as a hobby for these guys. So it is possible. And I'd bet that most of these musicians love playing, have a talent for it, received support, made people happy through their playing and got paid to do it. The question is, have you got what it takes to get close to being in their league? No? Then give it up, and do something else.
comment How to use kanban board to do GTD?
You might find this article useful: personalkanban.com/pk/featured/doing-gtd-kanban-style-3/…
comment How do I set priorities and estimate completion time for 30 projects, 600 tasks?
Forgive me if this is an impertinent question, but are you taking on too much? Speaking personally, if I can't cope with prioritising all the tasks on the tasks on my to-do list, then I certainly can't cope with actually doing them all.