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comment Version control system for projects involving mixed content
Mercurial would allow tracking changes at the file system layer (as would SVN) but I am not familiar enough with how it stores files to be able to say for sure with mixed content repos. The FAQ points out that it will store full files or diffs (similar to git) but it's up to hg to choose when to do each. Thanks to your question I plan on reading this ebook later today to find out more
comment Is it a good idea to try dvorak when you already have a 140 wpm speed?
After using the Kinesis for a couple days I could not get used to its key placement and highly suggest anyone who is thinking of spending $200+ on this keyboard try it before they buy it. Plus it didn't solve the problem I have with not having full movement in my wrist.
comment How to take notes when reading technical books
I use dokuwiki for my personal wiki simply because it's flat files which are easy to backup and move. My reading notes are in my general notes section (I have a section for reading -> books). After that I keep all the notes per book on a single page so it's easy to read through a summary of the whole book without clicking on any links.
comment How to take notes when reading technical books
Thanks, just updated the link in the answer and also added that to my bookmarks. :)
comment How do I get faster at typing when you already have a decent speed?
I switched to DVORAK in 2002 and for ~8 years supported users and had to switch back and forth between using their computers (QWERTY) and my computer (DVORAK) for that time my typing on both layouts was about 40-50 WPM. Since then I've been using DVORAK almost completely and my DVORAK typing has gone up to about 65 WPM but my QWERTY has gone down to about 30 WPM. I would never recommend someone switch to DVORAK for speed but rather for comfort. Here's some more info