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System Architect / Senior Software Developer in Calgary, Alberta. Consulting on various projects, mostly with a .Net or classic ASP background. I've been developing Web applications and Websites for over a decade now ranging from using a propietary markup and ISAPI extensions(C/C++) to Classic ASP(VBScript) to ASP.Net(C# 1.0/1.1/2.0/3.5/4.0/MVC) I enjoy solving puzzles such as Sudoku and mysteries. My previous work involves using various Agile practices,e.g. Scrum and pair-programming, on a CMS project within an IS department's web development group.

I enjoy sharing what I've experienced, learned or think may be worth sharing with the world.

comment Will frequent job change affect career growth?
Workplace would be a better SE though even there this is still highly subjective, IMO.
comment Frequent Career Switch - Mental Issue or Real Passion towards something else
If you couldn't take working in an office, how do you think you could handle teaching in a school that is even more structured than the office life?
comment Fear of failure
Would "The Perfectionist's Handbook" be the kind of resource you mean as an example or are you wanting to get into cognitive behavior therapy here?
comment Why am I wired to be motivated to go to work everyday and not motivated to do other things?
Have you considered looking at the payoffs of your work: You probably receive some financial compensation, there may be status, etc. These are where I'd start.
comment Why am I wired to be motivated to go to work everyday and not motivated to do other things?
Dan Pink has done some work on motivation that may be of interest. Some of his work is more on the internal stuff motivated by autonomy, mastery and purpose.
comment How can I approach time and arrangements being compromised by unfavourable company?
You have people in your life that you call friends yet you don't want to interact with them? What is your definition of friend here?
comment How to increase ability to “think on your feet”?
Is the question about creating a point or justifying a point? These are different questions that both require a quick wit.
comment I end up doing something else even when I know what should I be doing
Is the question about applying what you know or actually learning new tools to get out of this pattern?
comment How to cope with absentmindedness?
Ok, so it is there but not quite where I would have expected it.
comment How can I communicate with others to help them consider alternative viewpoints?
Do you have research to discredit the points? While you could make examples where they don't work, one could just as easily go the other way. Stephen Covey's point on "Seek first to understand, then be understood" would also be something to consider here.
comment How to cope with absentmindedness?
What happened to #6?
comment How can I Improve my listening skills?
ted.com/talks/julian_treasure_5_ways_to_listen_better.html would be my suggestion of a TED talk about listening.