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As of June 2013 I work for Stack Exchange!

I've been a big fan of Stack Exchange since the start. Literally. I was listening to Joel's podcast when he and Mark would talk about this secret project idea they had, I was excided when they finally said what it was, I was in the secret beta, and I've been a big fan since it went live!

The new hotness: Puppet, Linux (CentOS), Mac OS X, Python.

Old and broken (my knowledge is atrophying due to lack of use): Perl, Solaris, FreeBSD.

System administrator, network engineer, time management guru, speaker, author of 3 books, and generally silly person. I wrote "Time Management for System Administrators" from O'Reilly. I co-wrote "The Practice of System and Network Administration".

I work at StackExchange, owner of ServerFault and StackOverflow, but I do not speak for them.

comment Version control for homework?
I do subject-date-version but I also start a new subdirectory each marking period or quarter. (Now that I'm not a student I just start a new directory each year "Writing 2010", "Writing 2011", etc). This works well because I find I rarely need to access old documents; and when I do I know them by date.
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