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Software and web developer, proficient in Python, PHP (Laravel), Javascript (Node and Angular) and Java. Father of four. I am a sucker for beta web apps.

Author of Shortmarks, SnapTimer and SnapMD5

comment How do I get faster at typing when you already have a decent speed?
Here's a related superuser post: superuser.com/questions/1227/how-can-i-improve-my-typing-speed
comment Is there a proven method for managing emails?
To maintain an empty Gmail inbox I star emails requiring an action. Whenever I check my email, I process the entire inbox using keyboard shortcuts for speed, archiving (y), deleting (#) and starring (s) if necessary. You can use this method in any email client by moving emails to a folder or marking them in some way, but getting them out of your inbox is the key.
comment Being productive without energy
I'd say you'd be in the 2nd category - you don't have enough energy to be productive. That's when the best solution is to take a break and not try to force yourself to work. Even a 15 minute break doing something you enjoy can be rejuvenating.
comment Methods for reducing time spent in meetings
+1 on having an agenda.
comment How can I improve my workplace to have less interruptions?
+3 My Sennheiser HD 280s are amazing at blocking out noise.
comment What are alternatives to XMarks for bookmark synchonization?
You're in good company. I'm not sure my wife gets it after multiple explanations. :) I put together a screencast to illustrate how it works: youtube.com/watch?v=0V-mZTLo7MM The short summary is it lets you visit and search sites by using keywords in the address bar. e.g. to search StackOverflow for javascript, I type "so javascript" in the address bar and it takes me directly to the results.
comment How do I get myself out of bed in the morning?
This article helped me as well. One of his suggestions seems crazy, but it works. Actually practice getting out of bed the night before so you'll do it as soon as you wake up. You want it to be automatic.