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I'm a college student currently attending the University of Washington.

I'm primarily a programmer, so you'll most likely see me mostly on StackOverflow, and some of the other more technical StackExchange sites.

My favorite language is Python, though I do have a fair chunk of experience in the standard mainstream programming languages (Java, C#, Javascript, ete) and know enough about web development to get by. I also know snippits and pieces of a handful of other programming languages -- just enough to be dangerous. I'm currently looking into broadening my repertoire and am flirting with learning Haskell and Clojure.

For more info, visit my website, StackCareers profile, my Linkedin profile, or my github profile.

comment Version control for homework?
Wait, MS Word has a version-control feature? I didn't know that. I really don't need branching, and while tags might be convenient, it's really automatic versioning I'm looking for.
comment Spelling recommendations — shortcut keys
Aha! I found the key you were talking about. Thanks!
comment Version control for homework?
I think I'll go with this one. I forget my USB from time to time, so being able to access Dropbox from the internet is definitely a plus. I'll look into Mendeley too, although I'm not sure if I'll need to use it that much at this current moment in time.