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comment How do I keep working if I'm going to die anyway?
@daCoda To get a patent, yes, first you have to invent something -- typically a piece of hardware. You can't just patent an idea. However you can patent software and business practices, maybe. The patent must be unique and not be obvious to others "skilled in the art". You then get a patent lawyer. Probably minimum to get a patent is around $10,000. More reasonable figure is twice that. All but two of my patents were paid for by companies I worked for.
comment How do you handle a workday after a bad night sleep?
I often find myself working well past midnight, and end up getting 4 hours or less sleep. I usually make it through the morning but start dozing off in the afternoon. So I use 5-Hour Energy (which actually works, at least for me).
comment How to assess the worth of my free time?
It's easy to compute this if one is a freelancer and charges by the hour -- the value of your free time is the same as your rate. So if you go to a site e.g. How to Calculate Your Hourly Rate which helps you calculate what you would be charging as a freelancer, then you have the number.
comment How do I improve typing speed on a touchscreen device?
@Muz A lot of states are making typing while driving illegal; even if your state hasn't, it's very dangerous no matter what method you are using. (If you are a passenger typing, obviously ignore my comment.)
comment Is there such a thing as a package receiving service?
In the US, Mail Boxes Etc was purchased by UPS and is now know as the UPS store. As long as you rent a mailbox from them, they accept packages from anyone (USPS, Fedex, UPS etc.).
comment Send it to my Ereader
@laika Still not as simple as the Kindle, which delivers the files in the background ("push" model). With the Sony, you have to log into Dropbox from its browser and fetch the files ("pull") model that you have dropped into your dropbox on your PC or wherever.
comment Send it to my Ereader
I have added information on the "Send to Kindle" application for PC and Mac which is a one-click solution to sending files, web pages, and printed material to a Kindle.
comment How to stop misplacing things?
Just as a follow-up, they seem to work as advertised. Haven't had them long enough to tell how long the batteries are going to last though.
comment How can I use the travel time (car driving) efficiently?
@0x6d64 Good point. I don't mind the DRM, since I intend to continue to be an Audible subscriber (and since they are owned by Amazon, they should be around for a while). There are other services that don't use DRM, e.g. Simply Audiobooks which have a number of books in MP3 format so you could burn them to your own CD. However they have much fewer books (9000 total, not sure how many are available in MP3).
comment Write long text on tablet while laying back on bed/sofa
These are all interesting suggestions (and for this reason I think the post should be left as an answer, otherwise it would just be dialogue back and forth between us and better suited as comments). I had thought of the massage table (I have a monthly membership at a massage franchise so I am quite familiar with them). However hanging my arms down below the table to operate the keyboard is very uncomfortable for me. The "backwards" massage chair is something I hadn't considered, have to think about that.
comment Write long text on tablet while laying back on bed/sofa
@Jonta, I actually have pretty good dictation software for my iPhone, which I use for quick notes. The problem I have with using voice-recorders in bed is disturbing my sleep partner.
comment Write long text on tablet while laying back on bed/sofa
@jonta, I have tried an adjustable bed-desk, and it's work well when I am sitting up in bed. My problem is for some reason I get my best ideas when I am lying prone on my stomach, and have tried to figure out how to capture them. A keyboard is awkward because I have to lift my head too much and it strains my neck, and I can't maintain that position very long.
comment How can one stay reminded of useful tips, instructions, and other references on a routine basis?
I also like Read It Later.
comment Good manageability for multiple Gmail and Google Apps email accounts?
I also recommend Mozilla Thunderbird for use with multiple gmail accounts.
comment How to master a large variety of technical literature
No, I have never used a digital pen. The Kindle DX has a keyboard. Some of the very newest Kindles have touch displays, but I imagine they have virtual keyboards.
comment How do I get myself out of bed in the morning?
I have one of the iPhone sleep cycle alarm apps and they definitely work.