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comment How to handle disturbances to “don't-break-the-chain”?
It totally does prevent that! You can build up a safety buffer and then coast for a while, but not the other way around. As for throwing money at the problem, if you're sufficiently motivated to avoid throwing money at the problem then Beeminder may be perfect! It only charges you if you go off track. :)
comment How do I motivate myself to work on my projects when achieving average levels of success?
I'll turn this into a proper answer if y'all think it's worthwhile but holy cow, Beeminder is perfect for this. Here's an article I wrote about using Beeminder to gradually make Beeminder itself a great success by making 1000 user-visible improvements to it in 1000 days:
comment how to stick to something
Highly biased response here but Beeminder brilliantly incorporates all 3 of your suggestions. Even #1 if you're willing to pay for that as a premium feature (Beeminder's Beekeeper program at $200/month), but I think normally the graphs and reminders and the monetary commitment device suffice.
comment Why am I wired to be motivated to go to work everyday and not motivated to do other things?
Good answer! tries to harness some of these principles.
comment What is the most radical productivity technique that you successfully use?
IMHO Beeminder is really good about being flexible but not too flexible. One way it does that is by letting you build up a safety buffer, "getting ahead of the yellow brick road," in Beeminderspeak.
comment How can I list down website passwords for better productivity?
No no, you should only reuse passwords on sites you don't care about. Using a long, "secure" password doesn't help at all if you use it on a site that stores it in plaintext and then gets hacked. Getting your password bruteforced is the least of your worries.
comment I want to track pages of book read per day
Ooh, as a cofounder of Beeminder I'm very keen to learn why you say Beeminder didn't work for this kind of goal. Is it that you're not into the commitment device aspect of Beeminder? Here's a list of tools that are just focused on tracking:
comment How do I make myself stop doing addictive activity?
Btw, I can tell you that in practice, abuse of a Force Majeure clause (the "SOS clause", as we more commonly call it) just never happens.
comment How do I make myself stop doing addictive activity?
Thanks Denis! Great points, though I disagree with the otherwise sage Dr Goldstein on both those reasons for shunning commitment devices. A crutch? Please. If it works, it works! And as for weaseling, that just means you didn't set up a very good commitment device. In my biased opinion, Beeminder will be your salvation there! :) The stronger argument against commitment devices is the inherent cost of limiting your future flexibility. Here again I think Beeminder shines, cutting the inflexibility to the bare minimum with a one week "akrasia horizon".