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Currently working on IBM midrange (earlier on mainframes).
Love to solve puzzles.
Fan of Martin Gardner, Raymond Smullyan, Ya Perelman, Carl Sagan, Isaac Asimov, George Gamow, W W Sawyer, Richard Dawkins, Douglas Hofstadter.
Interested in Maths & Science education, science popularization.

comment How do I find a decent hobby?
+1 For "Math and computational work can be very isolating so I'd recommend you look for something that will expand your social and physical engagement." I also liked your suggestion about crafts. I myself practice Origami as a hobby. Learning Origami used to be difficult in earlier days, but with the help of huge number of youtube videos one can make a lot of progress, even if we are alone.
comment How do you read programming books?
+1 For "But for exercises and help and understanding at the low level - they have nothing on resources like Rosetta Code, Stack Overflow, Project Euler, and even Wikipedia. " I also try to compare the code in a language I know to the code in the language I am trying to learn.
comment Review of my task collection system
+1 For point no. 6, liked it.